Open call for art programme

Y-festivaali (Y Festival) is a free cultural and human rights event that will be held in Helsinki on Saturday, October 8th, 2022. It aims to build and celebrate an equal and diverse future. The programme of the event targets a diverse coverage of art and culture related to themes of equality. Organised by the Ministry of Justice, the event is being curated by Caroline Suinner and Meriam Trabelsi from the Pehmee collective. 

Y-festivaali is now seeking high-quality, topical and experimental works and performances that have been created in relation to themes concerning equality and non-discrimination and their impact. Works in the fields of performing arts and installation art are being sought for the programme. The programme of Y-festivaali opens discussions on open spaces and on the internal discussions and exchanges of communities.

The open call for works for Y-festivaali has ended. The curators will select the works to be included by September 18th. A fee will be paid for all works selected through the open call.

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