Implementation of the plan requires concrete action

The development of policies and practices in a more equal direction requires concrete action. This is done through the implementation of the objectives and measures set out in the equality plan. 

For implementation, it is important to appoint a person responsible for each measure who must have a realistic opportunity to perform the task within their working hours. The working group that prepared the plan may provide support to the person responsible. A separate working group can also be appointed to coordinate and monitor the implementation. The working group can jointly agree on practices for monitoring the implementation. 

A plan can be drawn up to support the implementation, listing the measures, the timetable, the responsible parties, the costs and other information relevant to the implementation. 

The purpose of equality planning is to serve as a framework for developing equality, and the plan should not become an end in itself. When the plan is being implemented, a need to address a specific equality-related question or theme may arise in the organisation. Time and other resources for this should be factored into the implementation phase of the plan.