Material for discussing hate speech

Providing information and discussing hate speech with young people/ pupils is important for the prevention of hate speech.

Hate speech may be a sensitive topic and causes many kinds of reactions. You should reserve enough time for discussing the topic. Teachers/educators should also familiarise themselves with the theme in advance and reflect on how to discuss the topic with the group. Hate speech may also be a very personal phenomenon for some participants and some participants may have been victims of hate speech themselves. You can create a safe atmosphere at the beginning of the lesson for example by agreeing on common rules for the discussion.

A lot of material on hate speech is available to help you to discuss the topic.

For example, the following material will be helpful:

  • Plan International Finland has published a comprehensive material and exercise package (in Finnish) on hate speech. The material is aimed primarily at educators who work in secondary and general upper secondary schools or in other secondary education. The material includes exercises and examples of lesson plans for secondary and general upper secondary schools/secondary education.
  • Koulukino ry has published tools for discussing hate speech and the freedom of expression (in Finnish). The material deals with identifying hate speech, encountering hate speech online and counter-speech.
  • The Mannerheim League for Child Welfare has published a guide (in Finnish) to peer support activities. The guide also deals with discussing and preventing hate speech.