What is discriminationdata.fi?

National discrimination monitoring system has been in development since 2008. The development work began at the Ministry of Employment and later continued at the Ministry of the Interior. Today the work is being coordinated and developed by the Ministry of Justice. 

Tasks of the monitorinf system are:

  • to produce up-to-date information on discrimination in the Finnish society
  • to compile research data and statistics produced by others
  • to promote cooperation of people and organisations wotjing with discrimination research and
  • to suggest policy measures on promotion of non-discrimination.

This website discriminationdata.fi is a platform for research, studies and statistics on discrimination in the Finnish society.

The information is being catecorized under five indicator areas that the discrimination monitoring group agreed on:

  • attitudes
  • experiences and observations of discrimination
  • reports of discrimination and convicts
  • hate crime and hate speech as well as
  • promotion of non-discrimination.