Impact assessment

The impact of the measures selected for the equality plan should be monitored at regular intervals. A schedule and the parties responsible for this are outlined in the plan. Monitoring also provides broader information on the state of equality in the organisation, which in turn allows for early intervention in any problems.

The commitment of management throughout the validity of the equality plan is important for the impact of the plan. Responsibility for monitoring may lie with the management of the organisation or, for example, the group responsible for drawing up the plan. It is recommended that personnel are involved in the monitoring and that sufficient resources are set aside for the implementation of the monitoring.

Monitoring data is largely available from the sources used for the baseline assessment. When assessing the impact of the plan, it is advisable to take into account follow-up surveys and feedback. The assessment should also consider whether the data sources have produced sufficiently comprehensive data on the realisation of equality or whether new ways of collecting data should be developed.