Preparing an equality plan

Preparing an equality plan gives concrete expression to its objectives and contents. The plan is put together using the results of the baseline assessment, so that it can genuinely meet the identified needs.

Concrete measures that respond to the issues identified in the assessment are selected for the equality plan. It is important to define what the measure is intended to affect as well as how, when and by whom it will be implemented.

The measures selected for the equality plan must be proportionate to the resources available. As the planning process is continuous, it is not necessary to include all the identified needs in one plan, and instead the organisation can focus on specific areas in its updated plans. The priorities should be clearly communicated to personnel and any other contributors of the assessment phase.

The plan should include, at minimum

  • a description of the planning and assessment processes
  • the selected development measures
  • a plan for monitoring of measures
  • In addition, the plan of an employer must include the conclusions of the assessment, such as a summary of the concrete measures to be implemented on the basis of the assessment.

The plan is discussed, modified and approved in its final form in the normal decision-making process of the organisation in cooperation with the team responsible for its preparation and the management.