14.00 Opening discussion: Visions of equality
Language: Finnish

14.30 "Tanssiva satuhetki"
Language: Finnish

15.00 DAVI

15.30 Discussion: A more sustainable work culture I: Work (life) inequalities
Discussion on a sustainable working life. Perspectives include sustainable working conditions and work culture, labour market segregation and equality.
Moderated by Ervin Latimer.
Language: English

16.15 Impropias Collective: "cuerpalatina"

17.00 Love & Anarchy x Y-festivaali: Letting go (short film screening)

Successful Thawing of Mr. Moro (2021, Sweden)
Director: Jerry Carlsson
Language: Swedish, Luganda
Subtitles: English
Length: 14 min    

Warsha (2021, France, Lebanon)
Director: Dania Bdeir    
Language: Arabic
Subtitles: English
Length: 16 min    

The Infantas (2020, Spain)
Director: Andrea Herrera Catalá    
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Length: 14 min    

Masquerade (2021, Nigeria, United Kingdom)    
Director: Olive Nwosu
Language: Yoruba, English
Subtitles: English
Length: 14 min    

18.10 Fanni Ijäs: "Nights don’t have names"

19.15 Yeboyah 

Inari Sandell: ”Gravity Blanket”



14.15 Discussion: Social media: hate speech and responsibility
Discussion on social media and young people – voices of young people on influencing and responsibility, hate speech and harassment.
Moderated by Natalia Kallio.
Language: Finnish

15.00 K=IJU

15.20 Discussion: Equal and safe urban space 

Discussion on experiencing and using urban spaces from the perspective of equality.
Moderated by Joel Hentunen.
Language: Finnish

16.00 Skábma Idja: "Rievssat – The Snow Grouse"
Languages: English and North Sámi

16.40 Discussion: A more sustainable work culture II: Who is welcome?
Discussion on education and working life as arenas of equality and diversity – or not.
Moderated by Naomi and Wanda Holopainen.
Language: Finnish

17.20 Discussion: How being trans can improve the quality of life
Moderated by Mira Eskelinen.
Language: Finnish

Language: English

18.15 Angel: One
Language: English

18.25 Tourer Sportsvagina: "Joke’s not nice"
Language: English

18.45 Saint Santi: "The Goddess Awakes 3"
Languages: Finnish, English

KOLLEKTIIVI workshop: Create your own wish symbol 
Languages: Finnish, English



Helmi Hagelin: "Vain silloin minä olen"