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Policy Brief: Discrimination in Finland

Policy Brief: Discrimination in Finland is a series that introduces readers to the latest research data on questions related to discrimination and equality.

Each issue focuses on a given topical theme and provides related policy recommendations. The series is published by the Ministry of Justice and intended especially for decision-makers, politicians, media, public officials and other experts.

The series is also available in Finnish and Swedish.

2/2021 Impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the realisation of non-discrimination

The impacts of the coronavirus pandemic must also be examined from the perspective of non-discrimination: how the pandemic, the measures taken to combat it, and the aftercare measures affect the lives and realisation of rights of people with different backgrounds. Particular attention must be paid to the situation of vulnerable population groups, such as older people and people with disabilities, children and young people, and different minorities.



2/2019: Multiple discrimination and the need to identify it better

In general, discrimination is approached from the perspective of a single basis or reason, but in practice, people can experience discrimination due to multiple personal characteristics. This is multiple discrimination. Identifying multiple discrimination can help to better prevent different situations of discrimination.

1/2018: Harassment is discrimination

Harassment in its various forms has far-reaching consequences for society in its entirety as it causes victims to have a sense of insecurity, threatens their mental health and negatively impacts their confidence in authorities. Authorities, employers and educational institutions have an obligation to prevent and intervene in harassment and to promote non-discrimination and equality between men and women.