Good relations between different population groups decisively influence societal activities and trust between people, and these can be set as a target in the planning of nearly all activities related to people's everyday lives. Taking good relations into account is especially important when examining issues such as those related to integration, security and exclusion.

Good relations policies apply to the entire population and these are connected to the promotion of equality between people. When speaking about population groups it is important to keep in mind that people are not only representatives of various social groups (e.g. people of different ethnicities or religions, the disabled), but rather they have various significant relations through which they have a connection with their environment.

The key forms of good relations policy include influencing of attitudes, the promotion of a feeling of safety among the members of various population groups, measures that increase and improve interaction between groups in different areas of politics, the use of conflict resolution and arbitration methods, the prevention of housing segregation, and measures that support the inclusion of various population groups.