Fostering good relations

Good relations concern all of us. That is why everyone can also contribute to good relations: as individuals, civil society organisation activists, professionals, experts. Fostering good relations starts from little things such as humane encounters, smiles and taking others into consideration. 

It is also possible for organisations strategically to promote good relations both internally and in their relations with other actors and customers. A positive attitude among the organisation’s management and personnel to diversity lays the foundation for trust and respect between people from different backgrounds. Diversity management enables community wellbeing and better utilisation of the community members’ know-how. 

As part of their implementation of equality planning, private businesses, third-sector actors and public-sector organisations etc. can all foster good relations. Equality planning is a concrete way of promoting the Good Relations Model. Taking the model into account while drawing up the equality plan ensures that good relations are incorporated into the organisation’s strategy, measures are designed for fostering good relations and their implementation is monitored using a specific set of indicators.

Here are some thoughts on opportunities for fostering good relations available to various actors