Join the campaign

Any individual or organisation may take part in the campaign and work to promote equal opportunities and human rights. The campaign seeks to encourage everyone to take concrete anti-racist measures against discrimination and in favour of human rights.
A society without racism is emerging now, and you have an opportunity to be part of this change.


You may participate in the campaign by using its online tag  #IAmAntiracist. Let people know about any anti-racist measures that you have taken or are planning to take.
You may tell people how you have personally acted in anti-racist ways, how you have tackled a racist situation, how do you develop yourself as an anti-racist actor, or what anti-racist measures you intend to take.

Being an anti-racist actor requires active measures to promote equal opportunities. By letting people know about your actions, you can activate and inspire others with no personal experience of facing racism. This also encourages other people to tackle racism.

Various anti-racist tools and methods are available on the campaign website, and you are free to select one that you will commit to applying or implementing, and to tell others about this via social media. Update your followers during and after the campaign on how your action is progressing, and on what impact it has.

Some examples of anti-racist measures are shown here.


Organisations that support the goals of the campaign and are ready to promote anti-racism in their own work may join the campaign by completing the following form
Participating organisations are expected to share their anti-racist measures in their own communications. Some examples of possible measures are shown below. Organisations may also share campaign content, arrange events, and challenge others to join the campaign.

An ABC of Antiracism online training event for the staff of partner organisations will be arranged for campaign participants during Anti-Racism Week 2022. Further details on how to enrol in this e-learning event will be available in early 2022.

Some examples of anti-racist measures are shown here.